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About Us

Our passion

Who are we?

Lily-Pad is a volunteering organisation in Ryhall, serving the Stamford and Rutland area. It was set up by Phill after years of disappointment and anger at seeing schools and charities being taken advantage of by unscrupulous people selling IT products and services.

We have a passion for supporting local charities and community groups with their IT needs, ensuring they always get the most for their money and can be confident in the choices they make.

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How do we have the time?

We are very fortunate that we have a passion for all things IT and we have incredibly forgiving families who share our love of supporting our community. Giving back our time is the least we can do to help empower our communities.

As Lily-Pad is a small voluntary venture, we may not reply immediately but we always get there! Your patience and kindness is hugely appreciated.

What does it cost?

Lily-Pad is a service run completely by volunteers and costs absolutely nothing to use.

Donations are always very welcome, graciously received and, help us do even more – but they are never asked for or expected.

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